Our Creations

Pirate King Online


Pirates seeking for greatest treasure of all once hid by King of Pirates, Pirate King Online is MMORPG world filled with various events and historic tales about beyond one's wildest dreams treasure lost. Awaiting to be found and redeemed by next King of Pirates to restore the glory days!

FoxLv Online


FoxLv Online II is a fully 3D designed multiplayer online game based on 5000 years of background history with Pirates as its central theme. It is comical in nature and has humorous looking characters and creatures. The games scenery is splashed with bright and beautiful colors everywhere. The exaggerated movements and actions of characters as well as objects, topped with an atmosphere that is very relaxed.

Hyper-Converged Hosting


Specalized hosting by using next generation infrastructure toolkit, Providing performance beyond industrial standards at same or less cost. Using various methodology developed in-house, Utilizing hyper-convergence providing ultra low latency whilist maintaining high availablity and redundacy services.